FrogeCoin WhitePaper


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What is Cronos?

Cronos is the native token for the blockchain. First known as Coin, in February 2022, it was rebranded as Cronos, though it still trades under the same CRO abbreviation.
Cronos works as a store of value and a payment token, similar to Bitcoin or Ether.
“CRO works essentially as a way to secure and expand the network,” says Heng.
You can buy CRO tokens for your investment portfolio, exchange them for other currencies and tokens or use them to make purchases. You can also earn CRO as a reward when you make purchases with the Visa prepaid debit card or receive CRO cashback for sending CRO to friends.
In addition, investors can stake their CRO with to help the network verify transactions. In exchange, they receive interest as well as additional account benefits, like a rebate on trading fees.

Why is this not a scam or rug pull?

The first being, we have doxxed ourselves willingly from day one! Our face, names and reputations are behind this project because we stand behind it. We all have clean records throughout the space. The LP is locked for 1 year currently, and we will be creating a multisig marketing wallet eventually so the community has a say in the marketing choices.

Can I sell anytime, or can I become stuck?

You can sell at anytime! This is not a honeypot! There are no sell restrictions of any kind in our contract. No max sells, no wallet % sells, nothing! You are free to sell as much as you'd like whenever you'd like! Your money is always in your control! Check the audit.

How do I buy FrogeCoin?

  1. 1.
    Swap your bnb to ETH/USDC/USDT on pancakeswap
  2. 2.
    Add cronos chain to metamask: HERE (
  3. 3.
    Bridge your ETH/USDC/USDT to cronos chain: HERE (
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
    Buy the token here: BUY (
If the bridge is underflow try again later or bridge less amount.

Are there going to be regular, Live AMM’s?

Yes, the team will be conducting regular live AMA’s based on you, the community! We will have a custom online question thread where users can submit their questions/comments and we will go through them on a livestream! No avoiding the tough questions for our team!